Travel Tech Innovator Profile: AirHelp

We’ve all been there ― your flight’s canceled or delayed, your bag is lost, and you’re left trying to salvage your trip. Often, the last thing on your mind in situations like this is submitting a claim to ensure you’re properly compensated by the airline. Applying for flight compensation can be time-consuming and complex, varying by airline and geography.

Navigating this process can be stressful, and many passengers throw up their arms in defeat.

That’s where AirHelp comes in. AirHelp is the world’s largest tech company that helps passengers navigate through flight disruptions. They do the leg work for passengers and take the hassle out of applying for compensation. Since launching in 2013, AirHelp has served more than 2.2 million passengers worldwide.

AirHelp goes beyond just helping passengers navigate the current patchwork of rules and regulations around flight compensation. They understand the need for proactive advocacy and sound public policy and regulation to ensure the best travel experience possible. That’s why they’ve joined the Travel Tech Association (Travel Tech).

“By joining Travel Tech, we’ll be able to increase awareness of traveler rights and raise the voice of travelers with policymakers and regulators in the United States,” said Tomasz Pawliszyn, CEO for AirHelp.