Travel Tech Innovator Profile: DreamGuest

Entrusting properties to unknown guests was a fact of life for most property owners. Until DreamGuest gamified guest behavior.

Jason Scism, co-founder of DreamGuest, began thinking about these concerns following an unsettling camping trip on the Oregon coast combined with his daily living experiences at a golf and ski resort during the post-COVID boom. It became clear to Jason that, while most guests are courteous and pleasant to be around, there are some guests who need encouragement to be better and some bad apples who should be excluded from staying at properties until they get their act together.

Jason realized a critical tool was needed to support short and long-term lodging hosts of all types: the ability to learn more about their potential guests and incentivize and reward good behavior.

DreamGuest is a first-of-its-kind program that allows hosts to screen, incentivize, and reward considerate guests. By providing tools and opportunities for property owners to prevent disruptive individuals from staying at their homes and other facilities, DreamGuest serves as a safeguard empowering hosts to make informed decisions and reward good behavior. This not only protects the owners of properties but also the communities in which they serve.

“Throughout my career in Washington, DC, I’ve witnessed the power of trade associations to bring together diverse interests to achieve common goals. Now that I’ve dived headfirst into the travel tech community with DreamGuest, I was eager to join the Travel Technology Association to start working with my peers to combine smart policies with new and innovative travel solutions.”