Travel Tech Innovator Profile: UCPlaces

UCPlaces was born out of a need to streamline the touring experience. Uri Sperling, Founder and CEO, spent years traveling the world and dealing with the burdens of navigating the tour guide experience – it was expensive, it wasn’t customizable and tour times were often at the whims of the tour guide company.

Launched in 2020, UCPlaces was originally designed for tour guides to create and sell GPS-guided tours. In the years since starting his operation, Sperling has worked with tourism and service industry companies like hotels and airlines to craft tours all over the world. Users participate in the tour through their phones, which results in a fully customizable experience that focuses on the user journey. Using UCPlaces, travelers can take tours in almost any language, on their schedule and at their pace. “UCPlaces is not only a service provider,” Sperling said, “but a community builder where people can create, share and sell experiences, these experiences are what inspire travelers to go places to begin with.”

“We’re still a small company,” Uri noted. “We feel that we are spearheading new technology in the industry, but with the exponential growth of travelers taking these guided tours on our platform, we believe that in just a few years, almost every traveler with a smartphone will be using their phone to take guided tours and we’re excited to have the influence and might of Travel Tech in our corner.”