Travel Technology Association Pushes for National Data Privacy Framework, Provides New Issue Brief

Travel Tech Urges Congress to End the State Privacy Patchwork

As part of its advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry, the Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech) announced a continued focus area for 2024: supporting a comprehensive national data privacy framework. To showcase its commitment to data privacy, particularly during National Data Privacy Week, Travel Tech published a new issue brief on the importance of a national data framework.

Since 2018, 185 comprehensive privacy bills have been considered across 46 states and 13 states have enacted comprehensive privacy bills. The lack of federal leadership on the issue has created a conflicting patchwork of privacy laws that confuse consumers and harm American businesses.

“A national framework is essential to protecting the privacy of consumers in the travel industry,” said Laura Chadwick, President & CEO of Travel Tech. “The current patchwork of state laws wastes resources on complicated compliance efforts and compromises privacy protections for the residents and tourists.”

The new webpage outlines Travel Tech’s key principles for federal privacy legislation. These include:

  1. Consistent Terminology for Global Clarity: A new federal privacy law should align definitions and terminology with established international frameworks. Diverse terminology across global privacy frameworks creates confusion, especially for companies operating internationally. 
  1. Flexible Purposes for Responsible Data Use: Congress should avoid a rigid list of permitted data uses that would hinder innovation and adaptability for businesses. Support flexible “legitimate interest” provisions as the primary legal basis for processing, allowing businesses to adapt to evolving needs while respecting individual privacy.  
  1. Free Flow of Data for Global Efficiency: Congress should avoid data localization restrictions in any new federal privacy law. The promotion of a framework that facilitates the free flow of personal data while upholding robust data protection principles will help balance individual privacy with global economic growth and promote responsible data practices. 

In August 2023, Travel Tech joined the United for Privacy: End the Patchwork coalition to advocate for comprehensive federal privacy legislation that creates a uniform national standard, preempts state law, and ends the privacy patchwork of various state regulations.

The Travel Technology Association (Travel Tech) empowers traveler choice by advocating for public policy that promotes marketplace transparency and competition. Travel Tech represents travel technology innovators ranging from dynamic startups, small, and midsize businesses to leading online travel agencies, metasearch engines, short-term rental platforms, global distribution systems, and travel management companies.

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